Hack Facebook account using MITM attack : Part 2 5

Prerequisite : Part 1 on MITM attack .

Till now we were success full in routing data of victim through our computer. now the main part begins.

Step 2 : Sniffing Intercepted data

Wireshark will help us in reading data packets , so follow these steps :

  • Start Wireshark.
  • Go to “Capture”->”Interfaces” and select your interface . Select one with ethernet. click on Start.

step 1

  •  Your screen will start flooding with data packets. The window shows your data packets along with victim’s data packets.
  • In the filter type “http.cookie contains datr” . This expression will filter out cookie containing value datr. Why datr only , check previous tutorial. To know more about expressions check this.

Enter expressions

  • To extract values from cookies, right click on any of the HTTP packets and select “follow TCP stream”.
  • Make sure you not having your own facebook account open in browser. Because then you might end up reading your own cookie.
  • You will find cookie values in pop up window. Copy cookie portion (as shown in pic below ) and save in notepad , we gonna need this later.

copy cookies

  • Now we have to insert these values in browser. There are many methods to insert like extensions in chrome and addons in firefox. I recommend Greasemonkey addon.
  • Install Greasemonkey. Restart firefox and install Cookie Injector script .
  • Go to firefox options and in privacy section click on remove individual cookie. Then clear cookies of facebook.com .
  • (Here comes interesting part) Now open facebook.com and type ALT+C . A popup will appear to enter wireshark dump.
Enter Cookies

Enter Cookies

  • Enter cookie data copied earlier and press OK.
  • Referesh facebook.com. BAM! you are in.

Share you experiance.

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  • GrinDo eXtasy

    It’s not easy to hack a facebook account but if you have the right tool then nothing it’s imposible,

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  • sagar

    Its working……
    but the https website gives certificate error..
    Any solution????

  • n00bs

    thats awsome and cool 10000% working i am not intrested in fukin facebook hacking but this clears some concepts of mine related to cookies.

  • TimeKiller

    For https use SSLStrip

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