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No doubt android is a great OS for mobile as it provides a great facility to synchronize your important stuffs like contacts, calendar, photos and many more, but we may struggle as there no proper or native application to synchronize your media files with your pc. I will state you few ways by which you can synchronize your media file with your PC.

Double twist

If you are using iTunes or windows media player as default media players for your PC then double twist is the best app to synchronize your media files. It gives you facility to synchronize your playlists, photos and songs. All you need to do  is download double twist to your pc and install it after installation it will show you a list of playlist you can select the one you want to synchronize.

Also double twist wireless sync feature called airsync for that you will need to download double twist to your android device and also get the paid upgrade of airsync. Once installed just click the “Airsync” button and wait till your device is shown on double twist of your desktop. Enter the pass code then you can configure your device to sync your pictures videos and music.

Windows media Player

For windows user windows media player is probably the easiest way to synchronize your albums. All you need to do is connect your android device via usb to your computer then launch windows media player then it will show your mobile on the left pane of Windows media player to setup syncing click on the sync button on the upper right corner of the WMP.

There are many others tools like winamp, isyncr and many more not all of them are possible to cover in this post. These are few of the most common and convenient method of synchronization.

Synchronizing data over cloud

If you want to synchronize your data from pc to your mobile over the cloud then there is a app which can be of your use it is called sugarsync. Download sugar sync for your pc and your android device and install after installation create a sugar sync account and you get 5gb space in cloud to upload and synchronize your data.

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